Ballwin is a family oriented community with approximately 31,000 people.  Ballwin was incorporated in 1950 and is located about 40 minutes west of downtown St. Louis.  Ballwin is about 10 square miles with great access to shopping, recreation and entertainment.  Ballwin has no municipal property tax.  The city has a well developed system of parks and recreational facilities.  Ballwin offers The Pointe which is an impressive fitness center that features a gym and indoor-outdoor aquatic recreational area. Kids receive an excellent education at either the Rockwood or Parkway School Districts.  Ballwin was named as “One of America’s Best Places to Live” by Money Magazine in 2005.

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Ballwin real estate sales data (residential single family homes)
  20142015 2016 2017 2018
 # Sold9111000302344 
 Low price$20,000$49,000$100,000$76,500$49,000
 High price$1,310,709$1,004,425$1,590,000$1,571,145$1,004,425
 Avg sales price$248,827$254,208$424,043$435,858$254,208
 Median sales price$226,000$237,000$387,450$400,000$237,000
 Average Days on Market5531645731
 List Price/Sale Price ratio93.1%94.5%98.5%98.7%98.7%

Chesterfield was incorporated in 1988 and is the largest city in St. Louis County by population covering approximately 32 square miles.  Lying 23 miles west of St. Louis, Chesterfield is one of the oldest settlements along Olive Street Road.  Chesterfield offers a wide variety of housing choices from custom homes to condominiums. Nearby Highway 40 offers easy access to all areas of the St. Louis Metropolitan area.  There are approximately 46,000 people living in Chesterfield.  Chesterfield has St. Louis’ only Butterfly House located at Faust Park, with more than a thousand tropical butterflies.  Chesterfield also has terrific shopping, excellent school districts (Rockwood or Parkway districts), cultural attractions and wonderful dining.  Today, Chesterfield is one of St. Louis County’s most successful and fastest growing communities. Despite the rapid growth, Chesterfield is ideal for those who want rural charm just moments from the amenities of the city.

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Chesterfield real estate sales data (residential single family homes)

  2014 20152016 2017 2018
 # Sold589633675655 
 Low Price$84,000$75,000$93,000$110,000$75,000
 High Price$1,743,916$2,199,000 $2,400,000$1,597,000$2,199,000
 Avg Sales Price$437,740$468,809$459,910$468,000$468,809
 Median Sales Price$370,000$370,000 $407,000$422,000$370,000
 Average Days On Market 5346475846
 List Price/Sale Price Ratio97.7%97.3%96.5%97.2%97.3%

Clayton is a chic, suburban community with urban flair.  Formally incorporated in 1913, Clayton has become a vibrant city. Conveniently located just 15 minutes away from downtown St Louis, Clayton is the county seat for St Louis County and has a population nearing 16,000.  The city of Clayton is actually quite small in comparison to others surrounding with it only being 2.5 square miles but is loved by many for its quaintness.  There are multiple story business buildings, homes and apartments intermingled in the city. With 7 million square feet of office space and 1 million square feet of retail space, Clayton is a business hub.   It is home to Forbes and Fortune 500 headquarters and branch offices.

Forest Park is one of the country’s largest parks, and is minutes away where one can find a multitude of things to do.  One of the most popular events each year is the 3-day St. Louis Art Fair , which is a must for all to attend.

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Clayton real estate sales data (residential single family homes)
  2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
 # Sold61838467 
 Low Price$295,000$290,000$249,900$253,000$290,000
 High Price$1,900,000$2,499,000$2,400,000$2,375,000$2,499,000
 Avg Sale Price$860,520 $935,181$873,795$897,986$935,181
 Median Sale Price$700,000 $839,500$759,000$815,000$839,500
 Average Days On Market4832333832
 List Price/Sale Price Ratio 99.1%97.7%95.3%96.3%97.7%
Creve Coeur

Creve Coeur, incorporated in 1949, is a thriving community with beautiful homes, acres of parkland, hundreds of businesses and a number of high-tech office parks. Creve Coeur is French for broken heart.  In the 11.36 square miles that encompasses the city, approximately 17,000 residents call Creve Coeur home.  It is known for Creve Coeur Park which contains Creve Coeur Lake.  The 2145-acre park has an annual attendance of 1 million people and contains the 320-acre lake. Recreational parks abound.  Conway Park features a dog park for canine lovers. Children attend the top rated Parkway and Ladue School Districts.

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Creve Coeur real estate sales data (residential single family homes)

  2014 20152016 2017 2018
 # Sold9912812099 
 Low Price$101,000$155,000$130,500$199,900$155,000
 High Price$1,820,000$1,795,000 $3,025,000$1,850,000$1,795,000
 Avg Sale Price$516,868$521,108$626,993$617,954$521,108
 Median Sale Price$459,500$434,028$504,500$526,000$434,028
 Average Days On Market7041596341
 List Price/Sale Price Ratio96.1%98.1%95.3%93.2%98.1%

Dardenne Prairie

Dardenne Prairie is a small and quaint community in St. Charles County where life is suburban but in a rural setting.  Located in the heart of the St. Charles County golden triangle, Dardenne Prairie has easy access to major highways and the entire Metropolitan area.  Approximately 4400 residents live in the 4.4 square miles of Dardenne Prairie.  Children attend Fort Zumwalt, Wentzville and Francis Howell School Districts.

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Dardenne Prairie real estate sales data (residential single family homes)
  2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
 # Sold152180187172 
 Low Price$97,500$136,800$152,000$170,000$136,800
 High Price$680,000$630,000$699,000$680,000$630,000
 Avg Sale Price$294,011$300,646$305,705$323,002$300,646
 Median Sale Price$271,250$280,000$302,000$319,950$280,000
 Average Days On Market7748394048
 List Price/Sale Price Ratio 97.8%98.1%98.3%96.3%98.1%


Kirkwood is a charming, pedestrian friendly city established in 1853 that has long been known for its community pride. Approximately 27,000 people reside within Kirkwood’s 9.3 square miles.  Known for it’s turn-of-the-century homes, Kirkwood is a quiet area in which to live. Downtown Kirkwood is a thriving area with shops and some nightlife. One of the most popular areas is the Kirkwood Farmers Market that is open daily from April 1 – September 25 annually with additional limited hours until Christmas. Kirkwood is also home to an Amtrak train station and the Magic House, St. Louis’ Children’s Museum.  Children attend the Kirkwood R-7 School District.

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Kirkwood real estate sales data (residential single family homes)

  2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
# Sold197213204185 
 Low Price$85,000$91,500$45,100$129,451$91,500
 High Price$1,403,000$1,300,000$1,670,000$1,425,000$1,300,000
 Avg Sale Price$369,846$367,300$390,680$454,786$367,300
 Median Sale Price$317,500$326,0000 $345,000$410,000$326,000
 Average Days On Market7051504451
 List Price/Sale Price Ratio98.1%98.3%96.2%96.9%98.3%

Ladue is a smaller suburb established in 1936 and currently has a population of nearly 9000 residents within its 8.6 square miles.  It is considered to be a wealthy community as it has the highest median household income of any city in Missouri as well as one of the highest median incomes for any city in the country. According to the 2000 Census, Ladue was ranked the best-educated city, proportionately, with nearly 75% of adults holding an associates degree or higher and nearly 72% of adults holding a baccalaureate degree.  Children receive an excellent education at the Ladue Schools, ranked in the top 2% of all public schools in the country.

St Louis County

Ladue real estate sales data (residential single family homes)

  2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
 # Sold143130124135 
 Low Price$183,111$242,500$318,500$265,000$242,500
 High Price$3,500,000$6,500,000$3,250,000$6,650,000$6,500,000
 Avg Sale Price$1,003,275$1,014,789$957,062$1,112,445$1,014,789
 Median Sale Price$800,000$747,500$795,000$925,000$747,500
 Average Days On Market8591677791
 List Price/Sale Price Ratio95.4%95.3%92.7%91.8%95.3%

Lake Saint Louis

Lake Saint Louis became a city in 1975 and has approximately 14,000 residents.  Lake Saint Louis, a ‘Tree City, USA’ community, has a variety of amenities including 2 beautiful lakes, an 18-hole golf course, 2 par-3 nine hole golf courses, beaches, riding stables and parks. Activities abound in Lake Saint Louis such as swimming, boating, tennis, sailing, golf, water skiing, kayaking, shopping, dining, concerts and movies in the park.  Lake Saint Louis is home to the National Equestrian Center and great shopping.  Lake St. Louis children attend the Wentzville School District.

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Lake St. Louis real estate sales data (residential single family homes)

  2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
 # Sold411456549518 
 Low Price$36,501$46,857$77,000$43,000$46,857
 High Price$825,000$1,750,000$1,085,000$755,000$1,750,000
 Avg Sale Price$258,257$274,054$295,067$292,751$274,054
 Median Sale Price$233,000$248,250$266,000$272,252$248,250
 Average Days On Market6451313251
 List Price/Sale Price Ratio97.9%98.2%98.3%96.6%98.2%


Established in 1856, O’Fallon is about 30 miles west of downtown St. Louis.   Over 76,000 residents call O’Fallon home, making it the 7th largest city in Missouri and the largest city in St Charles County encompassing 30 square miles.  O’Fallon has over 475 acres of parks including some of the best playing fields for baseball, soccer, softball and football.   There are also areas for playgrounds, pavilions, walking trails and historic sites.  The Renaud Spirit Center is a great place to go when it’s chilly for an indoor workout, with their state of the art workout center, aquatic complex and multitude of recreation programs for the kids. In 2006 & 2007 O’Fallon was named as a “Best Place to Live” by Money Magazine. O’Fallon children attend Fort Zumwalt and Francis Howell School Districts.

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O’Fallon real estate sales data (residential single family homes)
  2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
 # Sold1165128313291654 
 Low Price$28,000$27,000$11,500$22,000$27,000
igh Price$797,000$752,000$1,525,000$756,233$752,000
 Avg Sale Price$205,742$211,302$255,517$237,812$211,302
 Median Sale Price$189,000$195,000$212,000$224,450$195,000
 Average Days On Market6342302642
 List Price/Sale Price Ratio98.1%98.6%98.3%97.1%98.6%
St. Charles

St. Charles is the 3rd oldest city west of the Mississippi River and the oldest city on the Missouri River. It was founded in 1765 and is the county seat of St. Charles County. St. Charles was Missouri’s first state capital from 1821 to 1826 and was home to Daniel Boone.  Today, St. Charles is home to approximately 60,000 residents.  Those who call St. Charles their home enjoy the Katy Trail, a 225 mile long state park that is enjoyed by both walkers and bikers.  St. Charles is also home to the St. Charles Convention Center, which holds conferences, tradeshows, business meetings, expos, public sales and association shows.  St. Charles has a handful of casinos if you enjoy testing your hand with lady luck. Minor league sports teams have also called St. Charles home in past and present years with the Missouri River Otters (hockey), St Louis Steamers (soccer), and River City Rage (pro indoor football).  Lindenwood University, a 4 year liberal arts institution, is also located in St Charles.  Children attend the St. Charles School District.

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St. Charles real estate sales data (residential single family homes)

  2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
 # Sold1352157117241809 
 Low Price$27,000$30,500$29,000$30,000$30,500
 High Price$1,075,000$810,000$1,233,500$1,200,000$810,000
 Avg Sale Price$208,551$205,974$217,860$237,321$205,974
 Median Sale Price$185,000$193,000$199,000$217,000$193,000
 Average Days On Market5842333042
 List Price/Sale Price Ratio97.8% 98.4%98.3%97.1%98.4%
St. Peters

St. Peters is a large community about 30 minutes west of downtown St. Louis.  About 62,000 people call St. Peters home (across 21.2 square miles). St. Peters was incorporated in 1910. In 2008 & 2010, Money Magazine named it the 60th best place to live.  Children attend the Francis Howell and Fort Zumwalt schools. In 2007, the award winning recreation and fitness complex, Rec-Plex, underwent a $1.8 million expansion nearly doubling its size.  In 2004, the US Olympic Diving Trials were held at the Rec-Plex.  St. Peters also houses Mid Rivers Mall, which is the county’s largest shopping center.

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St. Peters real estate sales data (residential single family homes)
  2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
 # Sold993115212281160 
 Low Price$20,050$54,000$50,000$68,000$54,000
 High Price$532,000$602,949$681,500$497,296$602,949
 Avg Sale Price$190,813$195,017$207,065$211,064$195,017
 Median Sale Price$165,000$172,700$185,000$192,400$172,700
 Average Days On Market5337252437
 List Price/Sale Price ratio98.4%99.1%99.1%97.8%99.1%

Town and Country

Town and Country, incorporated in 1950 as a village, is a prestigious suburb in St. Louis County with nearly 11,000 residents who reside within its 11.9 square miles.  Town and Country has the highest median household income of any city in Missouri with a population over 10,000 and one of the highest median incomes of any city in the country.  Town and Country has access to plentiful shopping and recreation. Town and Country children attend Parkway Schools.

Chamber of Commerce

Town and Country real estate sales data (residential single family homes)

  2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
 # Sold1139010680 
 Low Price$305,000 $225,000$270,000$335,000$225,000
 High Price$2,262,500$2.500,000$2,698,000$3,200,000$2,500,000
 Avg Sale Price$804,461$855,510$888,129$976,418$855,510
 Median Sale Price$680,000$710,000$773,447$776,250$710,000
 Average Days on Market78691047269
 List Price/Sale Price ratio97.9%96.5% 92.3%92.9%96.5%

Wentzville, known as the Crossroads of the Nation, has grown in the last 18 years from 5000 residents to 24,000 but has kept its small town charm and friendliness.  Wentzville is located a little less than an hour from downtown St. Louis in the St. Charles golden triangle and has its own shopping and beautiful parks.  In 2008, Wentzville was named Missouri’s Boomtown.  Children attend Wentzville School District.

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St Charles County

Wentzville real estate sales data (residential single family homes)
  2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
 # Sold696862964935 
 Low Price$28,550$30,000$21,000$47,000$30,000
 High Price$733,975$1,000,000$1,100,000$880,000$1,000,000
 Avg Sale Price$204,703$229,772$237,625$249,040$229,772
 Median Sale Price$189,500$210,000$218,329$233,000$210,000
 Average Days on Market7851384051
 List Price/Sale Price ratio98.5%99.1%98.7%97.4%99.1%

Wildwood is the largest city geographically within St. Louis County and the third largest city geographically in the state.  In September 2005, Wildwood officially became a city.  More than 32,000 people call Wildwood their home.  Wildwood is 68 square miles, with 11 square miles of publicly held open space including Babler State Park, Rockwoods Reservation and Range, and the Greensfelder County Park.  Children attend the AAA rated Rockwood School District and the Meramec Valley School District.

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Wildwood real estate sales data (residential single family homes)

  2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
 # Sold330329302344 
 Low Price$133,500$165,000$81,730$76,500$165,000
 High Price$1,900,000$1,937,500$1,590,000$1,571,145$1,937,500
 Avg Sale Price$444,610$436,219$407,755$424,417$436,219
 Median Sale Price$362,750$369,000$378,700$390,000$369,000
 Average Days on Market7851665651
 List Price/Sale Price ratio97.5%97.7%98.3%96.7%97.7%